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System Update: The system is now compatible with most internet browsers; Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. Internet Explorer version 11 will need to be run in compatibility mode to operate the system.

The Treasurer 750 screen (property tax revenue distribution to taxing entities) has been redesigned. The screen loads into a collapsed view. Please check the box “show value” to the right of the “export to excel button” to see the property values. Click the “+” to the left of the column header “Entity Name” to see all the budgets in each taxing entity. Instructions may be found under View – CTR Training Documents-Data Entry 750 Instructions.

Questions? Help? Contact Information for Certified Tax Rate and General System help may be found under View – CTR Documents –Contact Information.

If you cannot log in to the system or forgot your password question-------------------------------------------- call Sharleen Burningham 801-297-3634.